ELEVATE 4 – THE RECRUITING CODE with Debbie Holloway


Who to hire. When to do it. Where to source the talent.

What you’ll learn:

  • 3 techniques to find effective people
  • Blueprint to add 2 agents a month
  • Ultimate 4-day on-boarding system
  • 6 scripts & checklists to create your system — plus a 12-step, proven follow-up program


Big goals; disappointing results? You’re not alone. In fact, out of 1.4 million agents across the United States, guess how many are producing 25 or more transactions annually? The answer: only 43,000. That’s just three percent. Most agents set out with grand intentions, dreams, and a beautiful picture of what life will look like when they’re successful – but commonly (and sadly) it doesn’t turn out the way they’d pictured it. Most agents fail because the job required is bigger than the means of a single agent… They fail because they don’t (or don’t properly) enlist the support of a team.
The Team Recruiting Code will help you structure a team org chart, customized to your goals. What’s more, we’ll teach you our Top-Team Recruiting System, guaranteed to generate two new recruits a month – plus give you an on-boarding program to get agents and staff going strong. Big goals are rarely achieved alone – it takes a team. And with the right team, finally, your results will equal (or even exceed) your goals.

About Speaker: Debbie Holloway

Debbie Holloway spent 30 years selling real estate in Louisville, KY. She averaged 150 sales a year while running 3 companies. Debbie has since sold her business to focus on working with Tom Ferry and is the director of Team+ Coaching.
Debbie will inspire your team and help them reach the next level in life and in business.

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